4th European Digital Health Day 2017
Big versus Smart - Data Creating the Future for Better Healthcare

Key results of our group dialogue:

  • “Big versus smart” is not an either-or: Machine learning based on large sets of data will transform the way we manage our health and will drive accurate and personalized healthcare

  • Digital Insight will create a new sense of ownership of the individual for his/her own health. This will fundamentally alter the patient-therapist-insurer relationship, enabling an “eye to eye” dialogue on the 4 P’s in healthcare - prediction, prevention, personalization and participation

  • Humans and computers in partnership will step-change diagnostics and therapy accuracy as a win for patients, physicians and insurers. However the role of the human will change from best expert to integrator and caretaker

  • Digital innovators need to demonstrate value creation based on larger scale real world data – a good story is not enough to be adopted as a mainstream tool by patients, physicians and the healthcare system

  • Strategic partnerships between technology innovators (global digital leaders and startups) and established healthcare companies are a vital component for driving the digital transformation in healthcare.

  • Both companies and policymakers need to quickly step out of their comfort zone and start to take large bets on digitally enabled healthcare breakthroughs. They need to create new reality on a different level, even if some of the approaches will fail.

  • (please share your key insights and we will add them here)

Please listen into the energy and dynamics of our dialogue.